Back Wars

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Back Wars


  • MDickie
  • 1.061 for Android
  • Android 4.0+
  • Mature 17+

The description of Back Wars

Back Wars is an activity game created by MDickie, which has numerous likenesses to different games by a similar engineer, however with a marginally unique methodology. Right now, will experience a military that has headed out through time to vanquish the world ... be that as it may, the military has met a startling obstruction.

The controls of Back Wars is indistinguishable from those of other MDickie games, with the directional keypad on the left of the screen and all the activity fastens on the right. As usual, you can assault, get, get objects, use weapons, etc.

One of the most onteresting parts of Back Wars is that every zone of the guide will permit you to play a wide range of characters - make a point to investigate the entire guide so you can evaluate each character. By squeezing the catch situated in the upper left corner of the screen, you can switch between accessible characters.

Back Wars is a confused, insane and fun activity game. All through the game you can control a large number of various characters (a considerable lot of them can be perceived from old arrangement or motion pictures) and utilize many various weapons: from jugs or sticks to automatic rifles or bends.