Age of Civilizations II - Lite

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Age of Civilizations II - Lite


  • Ɓukasz Jakowski
  • 1.01415_ELA_LITE for Android
  • Android 2.3.2+
  • Everyone

The description of Age of Civilizations II - Lite

Age of Civilizations Lite is an enjoyment system and the executives game where you battle against your adversaries in the race for global control. Right now, play as a conquistador whose solitary strategic to beat your adversaries by asserting however much region as could be expected and halting everybody who attempts to take it back.

Ongoing interaction in Age of Civilizations Lite is basic, yet you need to invest some energy learning the ropes on the off chance that you need to build up a decent procedure for whatever circumstances you end up in. Every player can do a specific number of activities per turn, so play brilliant and do just what's fundamental for your arrangements.

Right now, need to recollect that the capital is the most significant piece of your human advancement, so you should secure it no matter what in the event that you need to progress. Then again, catching an adversary's region gives all of you of its triumphs, which are attached from their domain to yours. Take a gander at the guide and discover your adversaries dependent on hues; the straightforward zones are unbiased and fit to be guaranteed.

With respect to activities, you can move, enlist units, construct structures, break up units, make a vassal state, and return it to your control. Recall that you just have a specific number of activities, so you need to play shrewdly on the off chance that you would prefer not to lose an area or get betrayed by an adversary. Overcome the world in Age of Civilizations Lite with your vital insight.