Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game

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Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game


  • Gameloft SE
  • 1.3.1c for Android
  • Android 4.0.3+
  • Teen

The description of Zombie Anarchy

Zombie Anarchy is a system and activity game where you need to attempt to make due in a world that has been crushed by zombies. To top it all off, the zombies aren't your greatest stress – it's really different survivors who assault you every once in a while.

To take cover against these assaults from different survivors you need to oversee and sustain your camp, where you can raise various structures like distribution centers, reusing plants, or guarded turrets. To manufacture this, obviously, you need assets ... which you can get by plundering opponent camps or obliterating zombies.

At the point when you choose to assault gatherings of zombies, you initially need to pick your entrance point. At that point you go on to legitimately control your characters, who you can move around the setting pretty unreservedly. They likewise have uncommon capacities you can actuate whenever.

Zombie Anarchy is an extraordinary activity/procedure combo that incorporates components of the board, fights against the AI, and even PvP faceoffs. Besides the game incorporates a decent assortment of circumstances and great designs.