Magic: ManaStrike

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Magic: ManaStrike


  • Netmarble
  • 1.1.2 for Android
  • Android 4.1+
  • Teen

The description of Magic: ManaStrike

Magic: ManaStrike is a constant technique dueling game that places you in charge of a 'planewalekers'. Your central goal is to crush your rival utilizing every one of the cards before you.

Enchantment: ManaStrike's interactivity is fundamentally the same as that of Clash Royale and other comparative games. You will probably annihilate your rival's 'planewalker' and protect your own. Furthermore, to do that, you need to utilize the various cards in your grasp to bring animals on the front line. To utilize these cards, you need sustenance, which you win as time passes.

Utilize your time between fights to update your cards, as long as you have enough coins to do as such. The better your units are, the more life focuses and assault focuses you'll have, so the more possibilities you need to win. You can look over five changed planewalkers, each with its very own mana shading. You additionally get the opportunity to gather a few dozen distinct cards, the two animals, and spells.

Magic: ManaStrike is a magnificent continuous methodology dueling game that offers incredible visuals, a great assortment of units, and a couple of new augmentations to the conventional Clash Royale mechanics. We're discussing a game to remember, particularly by the Magic: The Gathering fans.