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  • ZlongGames
  • 2.16.1 for Android
  • Android 4.0+
  • Everyone 10+

The description of Langrisser

Langrisser Mobile is the principal portion of this mainstream adventure of SRPGs for cell phones. Truth be told, given that the latest title from the establishment turned out in 1998 for Sega Saturn, this is the main portion to turn out in over 20 years.

Ongoing interaction in Langrisser Mobile is ordinary for the class. During your turn, you can offer requests to your units, move a specific number of squares, and assault or utilize a unique capacity. You need to remember different variables, as well, similar to the scope of the assaults or the way that a few units are more compelling than others. For instance, lancers have a bit of leeway over knights.

The fundamental crusade in Langrisser Mobile is comprised of in excess of 300 unique fights where you battle against huge amounts of foes and supervisors. Between fights, you can likewise live through the story from the adventure, where you may see some well-known countenances.

Langrisser Mobile is an astounding SRPG with great anime-style designs, an amazing soundtrack, and expert naming. It's a game with high creation esteem that brings a standout amongst other vital pretending games back to life.