Kingdom Rush

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Kingdom Rush


  • Ironhide Game Studio
  • 3.1 for Android
  • Android 4.0+
  • Teen

The description of Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a pinnacle safeguard game where you will probably obstruct your adversaries' way by setting a progression of cautious towers in their manner. You will likely prevent them from arriving at your base and pulverizing your realm.

To stop the swarms of orcs and trolls from following the ways and arriving at your realm, you'll have a decent collection of cautious structures accessible. A few structures assist you with assaulting foes from a separation with bolts, others let you utilize incredible enchantment spells, while others furnish you with troopers to additionally leave the adversaries speechless.

As you complete missions in the principle battle, you can continue improving your towers by gaining bolts that cause more harm or warriors with more wellbeing. So, by improving your structures, you'll have to a greater extent an opportunity at winning in the more troublesome levels. Also, regardless of whether the adversaries figure out how to move beyond your safeguards, you can generally utilize amazing spells to call troops or toss fireballs.

Kingdom Rush is perhaps the best round of its sort - a genuine must-have for aficionados of the pinnacle resistance type. It's one of those games that will keep you snared for some, numerous hours. Best of all: it's totally free.