Game of Warriors

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Game of Warriors


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  • 1.3.0 for Android
  • Android 4.1+
  • Everyone 10+

The description of Game of Warriors

Become a town boss in the fun technique Game Of Warriors, and annihilation the swarms of relentlessly assaulting foes attempting to devastate your town.

To do as such, oversee and improve your town's distinctive protection frameworks. Reinforcing the dividers, improving the turrets, and preparing the bowmen who stand protect are just a couple of the numerous alternatives accessible to customize and safeguard your post.

Round Of Warriors has two altogether different playing modes: in Horde Mode you'll oppose perpetual assaults from adversary armed forces by sending your best soldiers to the war zone. This mode, while seeming basic, has an unpredictable technique framework. To increase a triumph, remember to what extent it takes to energize capacities and choose which gatherings of fighters to send into fight. Which one is ideal? That will rely upon the foes you're confronting and every squadron's individual qualities and shortcomings, factors you should remember whether you need to win. The second game mode is Conquest Mode, in which you rout neighboring towns and add their soldiers to your military. In this game mode, the situation of your units in the war zone will be vital in the event that you need to rise triumphant.

In either game mode, with every triumph you'll win coins that can be utilized to improve the assault details of your armed forces, get new kinds of fighters, or put resources into your fortification's guards. Round of Warriors has extraordinary illustrations and inconceivable audio cue, that make a fun, addictive game understanding. This basic game will keep you stuck to the screen for longer than you'd prefer to concede.