Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™

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Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™


  • Behaviour Interactive
  • 0.6.94 for Android
  • Android 4.1+
  • Everyone 10+

The description of Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is a turn-based RTS motivated by the universe of Game of Thrones, in a prequel of sorts that depicts the occasions occurring a couple of decades before the hit TV appear. All the activity is fixated on the North and past the Wall, with the Night's Watch at the focal point of the story.

Battle frameworks in Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall are customary and regular to any turn-based RTS. All through each fight, you can move your units a couple of spaces advance and release an assault. Your goal is to polish off the entirety of the foes that lay before you - in case they find a good pace. So as to attack lead, you'll have to remember certain things like assault run, moves, weapon power, exceptional assaults and substantially more.

Between one fight and the following, players face the test of dealing with every part of life at the Night's Watch from Castle Black. You level up every one of the watchmen and set them up with new gear (weapons and shield). You can likewise manufacture new weapons, exchange with different urban communities, counsel Grand Meister Aemon or convey your best men on missions past the Wall.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is an astounding turn-based RTS with basic battle frameworks, exceptional illustrations and an exciting experience that connects to occasions that occur in the TV show and books. As you play, you open new characters—a considerable lot of them well-cherished characters from the show.