Chess Rush

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Chess Rush


  • Tencent Games
  • 1.5.340 for Android
  • Android 4.1+
  • Everyone

The description of Chess Rush

Chess Rush is an ongoing vital duel game that is straightforwardly roused by the mind blowing Dota Auto Chess and other comparative games. This sub-sort, much the same as DOTA itself were made as 'mods' of a bigger game. You get the chance to confront other online players during various extremely unconventional fights.

The battle framework in Chess Rush is significantly less complex than it might appear from the outset. The battles are separated into two stages: during the primary stage you get the chance to utilize your cash to purchase new armed forces and spot them over the combat zone. During the subsequent stage, nonetheless, you get the opportunity to observe the fight. Contingent upon the outcome (which keeps going a couple of moments), you'll win pretty much coins that you can use to purchase new soldiers or overhaul the ones you as of now have. The player that has the most focuses toward the finish of the rounds, wins.

Chess Rush incorporates in excess of 50 distinctive saints, every single one of them incorporate their very own highlights and uncommon aptitudes, which you'll need to ace. A great deal of your soldiers' abilities let you make cooperative energies with your legends, so figuring out how to join them gets basic in the event that you need to win the most testing fights. Another significant perspective is that on the off chance that you can get three of a similar kind of legend, you can intertwine them to make an all the more dominant unit.

Chess Rush is an amazing variation of auto chess for Android, which stands apart outwardly and the enormous measure of legends accessible. We're discussing an exceptional game, that is acceptable with the remainder of the Tencent games. You can appreciate exciting 10 to brief rounds.