AFK Arena

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AFK Arena


  • Lilith Games
  • 1.26.03 for Android
  • Android 4.1+
  • Teen

The description of AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a RPG set in the phenomenal universe of Esperia, a land wherein four incredible groups have warred against one another since days of yore. Your objective will be to enlist a gathering of legends from every group and spare the world.

Game frameworks in AFK Arena are basic. The principal thing you do is place your legends inside a vital development. Generally you'll need warriors in the forefront of fight so they assimilate adversary assaults, with the bowmen and magicians in the subsequent line.

During battle your characters assault naturally, however you can enact their exceptional capacities physically. From the outset you just have an extraordinary capacity, yet as your characters climb, you can open more capacities.

In AFK Arena you enroll in excess of a hundred diverse legends, with whom you venture to the far corners of the planet of Esperia at your impulse. The prisons, also, are produced haphazardly every time you head inside, so you'll never confront a similar test twice.

AFK Arena is a fantastic RPG, that despite the fact that it has a straightforward game framework, offers delightful visuals, equipped for keeping you stuck to the screen individually. It likewise has an incredible soundtrack and a great deal of assortment of characters, adversaries and situations.